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Arambol, in the far north of Goa, close to the Maharashtra border, with its seemingly endless stretch of sand and rocky headland, is one of India’s most charismatic beach towns. Discovered in the 1960s by the hippies looking to escape the fading flower power era of the west, the town has since become a welcoming community of locals, tourists and long-term visitors, where peace and love prevail amongst a still largely unspoiled paradise.

The beach is the focal point of the town, with a vast array of accommodation, restaurants and market stalls scattered from one end to the other. To the north, situated on the cliffside, is a collection of beach shacks of varying description. The main road, running from the beach and through the main part of town, houses a further assortment of hotels, bars/restaurants and stores. As there is not too far to go, everything is within reach on foot.
In the company of its constant laid back atmosphere it is difficult to do anything but relax, however Arambol tourism is changing from Hippie Arambol to Adventure Arambol as the town is developing a reputation for extreme water sports, such as paragliding and kite surfing. Nevertheless, for visitors in search of peace, the beach is vast enough to find a quiet spot even if it means sharing with the cows. At sunset and as night falls, the beachfront transforms into one of Goas most romantic dinner settings, with candlelit restaurant tables serving up a feast of fish dishes and beer.
While the many beachfront huts provide idyllic and picturesque dwellings, security is not always the best. During high season thefts are known to increase, therefore it is advisable to take extra precaution when leaving bags and possessions unattended.
Travel Arambol: How to get in and out.
With only one bus stand, at the beginning of the main road, getting to and from town is a simple matter and regular services depart for Mapusa and Pernem. Those traveling through Goa and further south should pick up a connecting bus in Mapusa, and for the north and into Maharashtra, at Pernem. The nearest train station, at Pernem, is on the main line running north into Maharashtra, and onto Mumbai, and south, into Goa.
The fascinating blend of traditional Goan village life and western hippy culture never fail to leave a lasting impression. Coupled with its location on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Arambol is the perfect place in which to lose all thoughts and dream the day away.
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Things to do in Arambol

Arambol Beach

Most of the action at Arambol takes place on the beach. The north end of Arambol beach offers some beach chairs and umbrellas, but most of Arambol beach is raw and natural. Swimming at Arambol is decent and Lifeguards are present incase of any emergences. Every evening at sunset hippies come out to the beach to drum, dance, juggle, twirl and welcome a new night.
Querim (Keri) Beach
A peaceful 10km walk north from Arambol, is Goas northern most beach and an almost deserted stretch of sand, lined with palm trees. There is little else than a few shacks but the restaurants serve up some excellent seafood dishes. Regular ferries take tourists across the Tiracol (Terekhol) river to Tiracol Fort.
Arambol Boat Trips
Like most beach towns of Goa, dolphin watching and fishing trips are readily available in Arambol. Hotels, travel agencies, and beach touts offer and arrange a number of trips. The best times are from November to March.
Arambol Water Sports
If relaxing on the beach is not enough, then there are an array of water and extreme sports to try your hand at. Phils Surf Club, on the beach rents out windsurfers and body boards (Tel (91) (0) 9822120803). Paragliding and kite surfing courses and equipment are available from ArambolParaglidingSchool, Tel (91) (0) 9822867570.
Arambol Music Academy - For the musical tourist/traveler, this school, in the middle of town, on the main road, and has a number of lessons, including tabla playing and classical Indian singing. No website or address available. Ask around and you will find it. Tel: 0832 9326131795
Yoga in Arambol - The Himalayan lyengar Yoga Centre has a range of courses for both adult and children taking place on the beach. The centre is open in the winter season, November to March, only.
Tiracol Fort - This former Portuguese fortress has now been converted into a stunning heritage hotel with spectacular views out into the Arabian Sea and along the coast. Within the fort is the Chapel of St Anthony that is open to non-guests.

Hotels in Arambol

Budget Guest House Arambol

Gods Gift Guest House - A stones throw from the beach, this is a pleasant no thrills option with friendly staff. Tel (91) (823) 2242391.
Piya Guest House - A little out of the way, but still close enough to the beach and a good budget hotel. Tel (91) (823) 2292661.
Sunny Guest House - At the northern end of the beach and located on the cliff side, this is another cheap but cheerful hotel with excellent views. Tel (91) (823) 2297602.
Midrange Hotels Arambol
Residensea - Pleasant collection of beach huts at the north end of the beach, with unrivalled sea views. Tel (91) (832) 2242413.
Om Lake Resort - Offering cottages on the lake. Located at Arambol new Bridge.  (91) (937) 1129848. 
Luxury Hotels Arambol
Arambol Plaza - Luxury hotels are few in Arambol, however this one caters for the needs of those wishing to splash out. Beach Road. Tel (91) (832) 2242052.

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