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Barra da Lagoa Overview

Barra da Lagoa, Brazil is a lively fishing village located on the east side of Santa Catarina Island, Florianopolis. Tourists flock here in the summer months to spend the day at the beach, surf, or enjoy one of the many restaurants. Barra da Lagoa is split in half by a canal that runs through the center of town. Along the canal you'll find a bunch of restaurants serving local dishes and the catch of the day. Cross over the canal by taking the footbridge (Ponte Pensil bridge) and you will find Prainha, a small beach enclosed by huge rocks that gives it an exclusive feel. Be sure to check out the etchings of primitive cultures along the rocks. 

The friendly and somewhat alternative community keeps most of the services functional year round. The vibe at Barra da Lagoa is fun, alternative and bohemian. Surfers and hippies party on the beach at night, and a lot of backpacker-types find cheap accommodation in one of the many apartments rented by local families.  Barra da Lagoa is a fishing village at heart so don’t expect much in the way of upscale dining, accommodation or nightlife.
If you plan on staying in Barra da Lagoa it is easy enough to navigate the streets by foot, but if you want to venture out to other parts of Floripa, we recommend you rent a car or motorcycle as the different beaches and towns of Florianopolis are spread out across Ilha Santa Catarina.
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Distance from Centro: 20 km / 12.5 miles
Beaches nearby: Praia da Joaquina, Praia Mole, Praia Moçambique

Things to do in Barra da Lagoa

Barra da Loga Playas

Barra da Loga’s Beach is only 650m long, but it is connected to Moçambique beach, which extends more than 8km.   In the summer months the Praia Barra da Loga comes alive with sun worshipers, surfers and families. You can usually find a volleyball game happening and there are a few restaurants on the beach that serve food and drinks.  For a more secluded beach in Barra da Logo cross the Ponte Pensil bridge and go to Praia Prainha.
Surfing Barra da Loga
Barra da Loga is one of the safest places on the island to learn how to surf, with its shallow waters and sandy bottom.   Onda Tropical Surf School and Escola de Surf e Kitesurf rents boards and offers lessons. They’re located right on the beach at Barra da Loga.
Archeological sites in Barra da Loga
Check out Prainha by crossing the Ponte Pênsil bridge and follow the small trail that will take you a small bay with enormous rocks and archeological sites (and a chill place to spend the day at the beach).
Restaurants in Barra da Lagoa
There are several restaurants in Barra da Lagoa so look around and find one that works for you. In the town center you can find pizza, burgers and all you can eat buffets, while along the canal you will find a range of seafood restaurants.
Nightlife in Barra da Lagoa
There isn’t much in the way of nightlife in Barra da Loga. Often people bring their own drinks and gather on the beach at night. If you want something a little more active nightlife-wise head to Lagoa da Conceicao which is just a few miles away.

Hotels in Barra da Lagoa

Barra da Loga Hostels

Backpackers Share House – located across the Ponte Pênsil bridge. 
Tel: 7812 0740
Barra da Lagoa Pousadas
Pousada 32 – offering affordable rooms and an excellent location right on the beach. Tel: 3232 4232
Pousada Rio Vermelho – Nice little chalets with a pool set on spacious grounds.
Tel: 3269 7337

Barra da Lagoa Weather

Barra da Lagoa Travel Resources

Barra da Logoa Real Estate

Sihuonel – rents apartments in Barra da Loga. She only speaks Portuguese. tel. (48) 3232 4162
Lucia - rents apartments in Barra da Loga. She only speaks Portuguese. tel. (48) 9123 1510

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