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400 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of Bangkok, Buriram is the largest city in the Buriram province. The city’s name translates as the ‘City of Happiness’ and is home to numerous Buddhist temples (called wats). Buriram also serves as a major center for the preservation of local culture under threat from modernization.

Historically a part of Cambodia, Buriram was not added to Thailand until the 19th century. A portion of Buriram province still touches Cambodia, and Buddhist temples here are often designed in the Khmer style. Historical ties between the two countries are evidenced by the more than 25% of the population who speak the northern Cambodian dialect.
Woven silks are produced in Buriram along with intricate sandstone carvings made with rocks quarried locally.

With beaches and cultural attractions elsewhere in Thailand, a stronger pull for most foreign visitors, Buriram is a rarely visited corner of Thailand. A visit here, however, is thoroughly worth the time due to the unique artistic traditions that can be found here along with spicy food and a more traditional way of life.

Things to do in Buriram

The Lower Northeastern Cultural Centre has gathered archeological and religious artifacts from the region and is open to visitors.

With a strong agricultural community, it is not surprising that the town is home to many festivals, the most famous of which are the Buriram Long Boat Raves and Isaan Kite festival held in respectively in November and December.
The Phanom Rung temple was built on the rim of an extinct volcano as a Hindu temple to honor Shiva. Built in the 11th century. The area around the temple has been designated as a historical park opened in 1988 and is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage status.
The large Buddha statue atop Mount Khao Kradong is also worth a visit.

Hotels in Buriram

Budget Hotels Buriram

Vong Thong Hotel - multi storey hotel in central Buriram

Mid Range Hotels Buriram
Nang Rong Hotel - hotel near the Phanom Rung ruins
Luxury Hotels Buriram
Thep Nakhorn Hotelproperty is equipped with business center and pool

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