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Chandigarh Overview

The city of Chandigarh is internationally renowned for its stunning array of architectural triumphs that sit alongside meticulously kept parklands and pedestrian centres in this, India’s first planned city.

Chandigarh was redesigned in 1951 by the French architect Le Corbusier who set about creating a major city that would be able to properly accommodate predictably high quantities of traffic whilst retaining a certain amount of peace and quiet for the people living there as well as a high concentration of green spaces for recreation and community development.
Consequently, Chandigarh is a beautiful place to visit, filled with wide-open green spaces and parks where it is not difficult to escape the noise of a major city and its traffic flow. Equally, the city centre was specifically designed with pedestrians in mind and so no vehicular traffic is ever permitted in this central location. 
Tourist season for Chandigarh traditionally begins after the monsoon season has ended, at the end of August.

Things to do in Chandigarh

Zakir Rose Garden

Chandigarh is home to the largest rose garden in the whole of Asia. 50,000 rose bushes can be found within these 30 acres, representing over 1600 different species that encompasses both natural varieties as well as newly developed hybrids. The ideal time to see the garden at its best is towards the end of February when the flowers are in full bloom. Around this time too, there is a festival held in recognition of the Zakir Rose Garden which introduces competitions and cultural displays to the city sectors surrounding the garden.
Sukhna Lake
The Sukhna Lake is an artificially-created reservoir that was designed to provide the city with one of its most popular attractions, tailored for locals and visitors alike. The lake itself is flanked by shops, cafes and walking paths that make for an idyllic place to relax even for those who aren’t interested in braving the waters. For the slightly more adventurous, the lake is the perfect place to try sailing kayaking or even water skiing. 
National Gallery of Portraits
Host to a number of museums and art galleries, Chandigarh’s National Gallery of portraits is one of the best for visitors curious to learn more about the India’s struggle for freedom. It is equally worth a visit for its incredible range of rare ceramics, documents, sculptures and paintings all of which are brought together to tell this story of the country’s fight for independence through the freedom fighters which laid down their lives for their cause.

Hotels in Chandigarh

Hotel Chandigarh Beckons - Simple enough layout and reasonably priced in comparison with some of the city’s other examples of accommodation. It is also conveniently located within walking distance of the main city centre and is a manageable distance (around 14km) from major transportation hubs such as the airport and rail station. Phone: 0172 267605260

Hari Ram Hostel -The Hari Ram is a simple and cheaply priced guest house that is aimed at backpackers and travelers on a budget. Expect a no-frills kind of setup but, for the money, it is a smart choice. It is also located within walking distance of the sector 8 market. Phone:0172 2780247

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