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100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Chiang Rai and nearly 700 kilometers (450 miles) from Bangkok, Chiang Khong is the country’s most northerly border crossing into mountainous Laos. Chiang Khong is located in Chiang Rai province and while inhabited by Thais, the hills around the town are home to tribesmen who farm the steep hillsides with a slash and burn agriculture developed over thousands of years.

Situated on a straight stretch the lazy Mekong River, most of the town is spread out in a thin strip of buildings along the busy waterfront. Chiang Khong has a population of about 5,000 people, a single market and Buddhist temple are located in the center of town.
As the gateway to Huay Xai in Laos, the town is much like other border cities in Thailand, with lots of trade and cross border transport. While the near by Golden Triangle attracts most visitors to this part of Thailand, Chiang Khong makes a great base from which to explore the forests and peaceful villages that are a step back in time.

Things to do in Chiang Khong

Generally visitors passing through Chiang Khong are in a hurry to get to Laos, and at most spend one night here, and only because they missed their onward connection.

This is a shame as the area boasts lots of attractions. Trips along the Mekong River are easy to arrange, and with flat terrain the area surrounding Chiang Khong is easy to be explored by bicycle.
Whitewater rafting is possible during the monsoon season when the Mekong is running high, and waterfalls in nearby mountains can be visited on motorbike as day excursions. The Golden Triangle is a common destination for motorbike trips as well.
April’s Giant Catfish Festival is an interesting time to visit when townspeople release baby giant catfish into the Mekong River.

There is virtually no nightlife in the town outside of guesthouses that serve beer on their balconies after the sun sets over the Mekong.

Hotels in Chiang Khong

Budget Hotels Chiang Khong

Ban Rim Taling- allrooms have hot showers and Mekong River views
Bamboo Riverside Guest House- one of Chiang Khong’s least expensive accommodation options
Midrange Hotels Chiang Khong
Boom Guesthouse- traditional woodenhouse in the center of Chiang Khong
Chiang Khong River View Hotel – one of the most expensive hotels in Chiang Khong

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