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Tucked between Palolem and Patnem beaches is the small fishing village of Colomb. The shores of Colomb are rocky and not particularly good for swimming, so most of what little activity there is here, takes place on land.  Ample quantities of quietude and peacefulness can be found Colomb, with the only sounds coming from the waves lapping on the shore and the various local wildlife.  Not much of anything goes on in this sleeply village.  Visitors, often on long-termers, happily watch the tide go in and out day after day. 


Often overlooked by South Goan visitors, Colomb can be an excellent choice to make your homebase if you’re planning to stay in the south.  Strategically located walking distance between Palolem to the north and Patnem to the south, Colomb is an ideal location with a handful of budget accommodation options.


Although not overly touristy, you can sill find a few shops and jewelry stands on the main road, as well as a handful of shanty style restaurants.   Like many places in Goa, Colomb is a hotbed for alternative therapies, yoga, massage, acupuncture, and perhaps practiced most of all….the art of chillin’.   


The best way to get around Colomb is either on foot or to rent a motorcycle from one of the local bungalows.   Supplies, phone store, and bank with an ATM machine can be found in the nearby town of Chaudi.  

Things to do in Colomb

Yoga in Colomb

Bhakti Kutir – a holistic Yoga retreat center located just off the main road in Colomb.

Yoga at Neptune Point – Located high on the hill, at the point where Colomb meets Palolem, sits this Yoga retreat center offering drop-in classes and training in yoga, meditation, reiki, reflexology, ayurvedic treatments and massage.


Restaurants in Colomb

Many of the accommodation options in Colomb also have a seaside restaurant where people spend several hours eating, drinking and socializing with fellow travelers.

Green Point – located in a small rocky cove on the far north side of Colomb (technically in Palolem), you can find this colorful, open-air restaurant.

Dilips – One of the original restaurants of Colomb and favored by the long-termers, this restaurant serves excellent Goan dishes right on the water at the best price in town.

Ocean Breese –Excellent location, wifi, but mediocre dishes.

Laguna Vista – The most popular hangout in Colomb.  Here you can find traditional Goan and Nepalese dishes, free wifi in a hip and ultra chilled out atmosphere.


Alternative Therapies in Colomb

Dr. Jonathon Dao – Naturopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine.  +91 9960917244

Mind Time Health Consultants – Alternative healing for the mind.  Existential psychotherapy, transpersonal counseling and philosophical consultation.

Natural Touch Ayurvedic – Offering an lengthy selection of message therapies and centrally located across from the Sea Breeze restaurant.  Tel:  +91 9922180908

Hotels in Colomb

Budget accommodation in Colomb

Ocean Breeze – Offering a handful of seaside huts and a restaurant.

Laguna Vista – This ultra mellow, French managed hippie paradise, offers


Midrange accommodation in Colomb

Sevas – offering upscale huts and cabanas located walking distance to the water. Tel: +91 (0832)2639194

Bhakti Kutir  - Huts, cottages and yoga retreats at this beautiful property.  Tel: +91 (0832)2643472

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