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Dehradun Overview

Uttarakhand’s capital city of Dehradun attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to both enjoy the city’s amazing historical attractions as well as take advantage of its extensive transportation links that stretch north to the far corners of the state and onto the Himalayas. It is from here that the majority of people choose to take buses up towards popular getaways such as the hill fort of Mussoorie (35km/ 250 rupees for a shared taxi/ 30 rupees by bus) and, further still, the holy town of Gangotri (245 km) on the way to the source of the Ganges.

Dehradun itself lacks the furious urgency common to a lot of India’s other larger cities but is still a commercial centre of trade and it’s not uncommon to find oneself surrounded by upscale fashion boutiques and busy shopping malls as well as the fascinating array of ancient structures the city has to offer. 

Things to do in Dehradun

The Tibetan Temple/ The Mindrolling Temple

This monastery, located to the north of Dehradun is a brilliant white centre of religious thought dedicated to the advancement of Buddhism and Tibetan traditions. It also houses the Ngagyur Nyingma College which has been described as one of the largest centers of Buddhist teachings in both Uttaranchal and indeed the whole of India.
Robber's Cave
Located in the quieter outreaches of the city, this beautiful open space is a popular attraction for both visitors and locals alike. As well as the cave the area takes its name from, Robbers Cave is a peaceful place located far from the distance noise of city traffic, where many families choose to enjoy a picnic.

Sahastradhara, meaning ‘thousand fold spring’ is a natural hot water spring found within the city limits of Dehradun. The warm, sulphuric waters of this incredible natural bath are also believed to have healing qualities. The site is easily accessible as buses and taxis run regular services there.

Hotels in Dehradun

Amashbeeb Hotel

Another popular place with passing tourists on their way to the north, the Amashbeeb Hotel offers a pleasant and comfortable stay in a nice part of the city located a short distance away from the bus stand. Prices start at 590 rupees for a basic double room with no A/C
Nice, upscale place that offers all the modern amenities such as wifi and a decent restaurant that’s mostly aimed at travelling businessmen. Prices start at 800 rupees and range up to the fairly luxurious.
The Hotel Meedo Grand is conveniently located within a short walking distance of Dehradun’s train station and offers rooms with TV, an on-call doctor and has an on-site bar.

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