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Gnothi Seauton. Know Yourself. Such was the inscription at Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi, the ancient spiritual center known to the Greeks as the bellybutton of the world. Without the consensus of the oracle’s Pythian priestesses, no moves were made in Ancient Greece: no wars fought, no festivals held, no games played, no kings crowned. Today Delphi, Greece is both an archaeological site and a modern town, with sweeping views across olive groves and rocky mountainsides that stretch all the way to the sparkling blue sea. Many travelers choose to visit Delphi on sightseeing tours from Athens (a three-hour drive), peeping the ruins before heading back to the big city. But the little town of Delphi is a charming destination that reclaims its true nature at night when the busloads of tourists leave. Delphi is a special place, and you can still feel the strange energy today.

Perched perilously on the side of a mountain, modern Delphi is populated with gracious hosts, hotels, pensions, restaurants, taverns and shops selling olive oils and wool sweaters. Parking can be a problem in the tiny town; on the side of the mountain there just isn’t much room for vehicles, as the Ancient Greeks weren’t really thinking about modern conveniences when they established the town. When booking a hotel, always ask for a room on the valley-view side of the hotel, with balcony if possible. The mountain-view side is nice but not as wildly majestic.
Delphi Greece Facts
·     Delphi is located in lower central Greece.
·          In medieval times Delphi was also called Kastri, which is now ancient Delphi Greece.
·         Modern Delphi is located directly to the west of the archeological site and has a population of 32,000
Delphi Greece Weather
The climate in Delphi is typical Mediterranean, sunny with little rain. In the winters the temperature drops a bit and can be cool because of its location in the mountains. 

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Things to do in Delphi

In Delphi, ancient wonders are the name of the game. The DelphiArchaeologicalMuseum is a good place to start, boasting the first ever written-down melody as well as the famous bronze statue of the Charioteer of Delphi, complete with bronze eyelashes.

Next, immerse yourself in the divine ruins. The Sacred Way leads up to the Temple of Apollo, the most important religious site of Ancient Greece and where the oracle was given. Around this centerpiece are other ruins of temples, treasuries and a gymnasium. A guide is essential in order to get the most out of your visit; he or she can explain the significance of the stones and bring them to life for you. Cats, cicadas, bugs and butterflies will join along as you explore the large religious complex, containing Apollo’s sacred laurel tree and the rock of the Pythias, where the priestess would sit to tell her prophecies. The scenery is so breathtaking, if left here for a while you might indeed begin to prophesize too.
A toast may be in order at the Theater of Dionysus, the God of Wine who was worshipped in Delphi for the three winter months when Apollo was gone on vacation. Climb even higher to run the track at the ancient stadium for the Pythian Games, cousin to the Olympic Games. Fill your water bottle at the sacred Castilian Spring for a little impromptu purification, gaze far down below at the round ruins of the Temple of Athena, and give thanks to the gods that you have experienced this amazing place.

Hotels in Delphi

Delphi Greece Hotels:

Sibylla Hotel: lovely, quiet hotel in center of town, great breakfast, clean rooms
Fedriades Hotel: great little hotel, central location, polite staff, small rooms
Hotel Acropole Delphi: great location, gracious hosts, quiet rooms, family-run
Pan Hotel: breathtaking views, friendly staff, amazing breakfast, basic rooms
Leto Hotel: newer hotel, some rooms with balconies, basic but good value
Pitho Rooms: good value hotel with fantastic hosts, exceptionally clean rooms
Hotel Varonos: big, refurbished rooms, some with balconies and views, very nice hosts

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