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Iguazu Falls Overview

One of the truly great natural wonders of the world, IguacuFalls (IguazúFalls / IguassuFalls) fits ever superlative going yet visitors are often stumped for words by its sheer beauty. Straddling the Rio Iguazú that splits Brazil and Argentina and close to the Three Frontiers Border, the falls and national park are one of South Americas most visited sights and a must see on any trip through the continent. Boasting an enormous collection of 270 falls they are considered by many to be more majestic in stature than both Niagara and Victoria Falls. Rightly deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage Status, IguacuFalls are visited by people from all over the planet coming to witness the splendor first hand.

An additional appealing factor of the falls is that, being accessible from two countries, both sides offer differing perceptions. Stay on the Brazilian side for excellent up close views from both above and below and for a full frontal view of Devils Throat, the main attraction. Cross the border into Argentina and find numerous walking trails, leading through the dense rainforest, and the chance to see the water rushing into a seemingly bottomless pool. Parque Nacional Iguazú is flanked by two small towns, Puerto Iguazú in Argentina and Foz do Iguacu in Brazil. Both, although being far from exciting, are home to a wide range of backpacker hostels, stylish hotels, bars and restaurants. With money to burn it is possible to stay within the national park at one of the hotels on either side.
As a continuously popular destination, there are an abundance of transport connections coming and going at all hours of the day. From the bus terminals of both Puerto Iguazú and Foz do Iguacu, services run for all major cities within the respective country. Domestic and international flights are also available from both towns. To get to the falls themselves, jump on a bus from either town that run at regular intervals throughout the day. Being so close to the border, passport checks are occasionally enforced so remember to carry some form of identification.

Things to do in Iguazu Falls

Brazilian Side

Macuco Safari - Hiking trails, boat rides, river cruises, rafting and fishing trips are readily available from Brazils section of the park, where visitors will get the opportunity to see the falls from a different angle. Walking trails give you a further insight into the flora and fauna amidst the rainforest; river cruises pass the Three Frontiers Landmark and boat rides take passengers right underneath the falls for a soaking.
Helicopter Tour - It may just break the budget but it may also be the most spectacular thing you will ever do. A helicopter ride around the falls is an unforgettable experience giving a new perspective from where to fully appreciate the vast expanse of waterfalls. Tours depart from the Visitors Centre on the Brazilian side and last around 10 minutes. Prices range from US$100 and up.
Argentine Side
Garganta del Diablo - The Devils Throat is many peoples highlight, a crescent shaped cascade measuring 150m wide and 80m high where the water gushes into the gorge at thunderous speeds. The lookout balconies are the perfect place to stand and admire the sheer force of the fall and spot the rainbows formed by water vapour and sunrays.
Lower Circuit - This walking trail leads along a decked pathway for just over 1 mile and allows visitors to see, hear and breathe the sounds and smells of the forest up close. Spread out along the pathway are 8 lookout points, giving fine views and perfect photo opportunities. Main sights along the way are SanMartinIsland and Dos HermanasFalls.
Upper Circuit - A smaller and easier trail that provides unsurpassed panoramic views of the falls at its 6 large lookout decks. Take some time out to relax and listen to the rushing waters of Adan & Eva and Bernabe Mendez falls.
Macuco Nature Trail - The best way to experience the full extent of the flora and wildlife present within the park. Starting from the Central, the trail is a round trip of 7km up to Arrechea streams waterfall and pool and back.
SanMartinIsland - From the Lower Circuit make your way down the 172 stairs to the riverbank and jump on a boat to the island where youll find yourself right in the midst of the falls, surrounded by rushing water and rainforest.
Iguazú Jungle Explorer - 4x4 drives through the forest, boat rides taking you beneath the falls for a soaking and lazy river rides along the UpperIguazúRiver.
Ecological Jungle Train - Open-air train that travels through the jungle, from the entrance to the falls up to Devils Throat, making a stop at Cataratas Station, the jumping off point for the Upper and Lower Circuits.
Moonlight Walks - Check the calendar and you might be lucky enough to arrive to the falls at the time of the full moon. The light from the moon gives the falls both a magical and mystical look, especially when rising low over Devils Throat. Tours either start or finish with dinner at the excellent La Selva restaurant.
Interpretation Centre / Yvira Reta - Before entering or leaving the park make sure to drop into the eco-museum which aims to educate visitors on the vast flora and fauna of the park and the theories behind its existence, history, climate and geology.

Hotels in Iguazu Falls

Inside the Iguacu Falls

Hotel das Cataratas - Stunning hotel with rooms housed in a colonial mansion and where guests can here the roar of the falls from the tropical garden. Tel (55) 45 2102 7000.
Sheraton Iguazu Resort & Spa - Luxury resort within walking distance of the falls and with rooftop observation deck. Tel (54) 3757 491800.
Foz do Iguacu
Hostel Bambu - Friendly hostel with great staff and a lively bar. Tel (55) 45 3523 3646.
Hotel del Rey - Comfortable rooms in the heart of town. Tel (55) 45 2105 7500.
Hotel Panorama & Acquamania Resort - Superb family-friendly resort with attached water park. Tel (55) 45 3529 8200.
Puerto Iguazú
Hostel Inn - Excellent hostel, great atmosphere, plenty of activities and a swimming pool. Tel (54) (3757) 421823.
Posada Iguazu House - Located in a quiet residential area, a fine place to unwind and enjoy the homely surroundings. Tel (54) (3757) 425771.
Panoramic Hotel Iguazu- Pure luxury and an icon of the town. The floodlit pool looks out over the national park. Tel (54) (3757) 498050.

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