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Jodhpur, which gives it’s name to the sexy jodhpurs pants, is the second largest city in Rajasthan, and an essential stop on an Rajasthan/North India Tour. Jodhpur is simultaneously a medieval citadel and trading post and a modern city. In old times, Jodhpur was an important outpost along the Silk Road, and the Maharaja of Jodhpur accumulated power and wealth from taxing this trade. The city retains its character as a trading post, and you will find rare treasures from all over Central Asia in its bazaars. 

The Maharaja’s fort, Mehrangarh Fort, towers above the city. The fort is majestically visible from almost all points in the city, which surrounds it entirely. 
For many travelers, Jodhpur is just a lay-over point for their journey to Jaisalmer. Although Jaisalmer is beautiful, it is also purely a tourist attraction; schedule a few days to explore the chaos of Jodhpur on your way there or your way back. 

Things to do in Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh Fort is the main attraction to Jodhpur, and for good reason. The writer Rudyard Kipling described the fort better than we can—he said it is:


 The work of angels, fairies and giants... built by Titans and colored by the morning sun... he who walks through it loses sense of being among buildings. It is as though he walked through mountain gorges.
Mehrangarh Fort is also the most well preserved and presented fort in Rajasthan; if only have time to see one of Rajasthan’s mighty forts, make it this one. The admission price includes a guided audio tour narrated by the current Maharaja of Jodhpur, which reveals the epic history of the region. 
The center of the newer part of the city (still amply old) is the Clock Tower, which is surrounded by markets and bazaars. This is the best place to shop for spices (especially Saffron), handicrafts, gems, and imports. 
On the outskirts of the city is the behemoth Umaid Bhawan Palace, built in 1929, it took 3000 artists fourteen years to carve its red and white sandstone architecture. Today it houses a luxury hotel. 

Hotels in Jodhpur

There is only one guest house in the old city. You may find it inconvenient to reach the Clock Tower from the old city, but the provides a magical aura of history and unparalleled views of the fort. 

Cosy Guest House—The only guest house in the old city. Highly recommended for backpackers and poets. 
Shivam Paying Guest House—Conveniently located near the Clock Tower, a quiet option.
Singhivi’s Haveli—beautiful red sandstone building with a fort view
Govind Hotel—Usefully located near the train station
Top End
Umaid Bhawan Palace—for a night of true decadence. It’s like a grand parliament building, with a swimming pool, tennis court, and numerous excellent restaurants.
Ajit Bhawan—cottages, splendid gardens, and a world-class restaurant

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