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Jurere (Jurerê, Jurere Internacional, Jurere Intrenational) is located in the north of Florianopolis on Santa Catarina Island and is the official jetset hotspot of Brazil. The beautiful beaches and resorts of Jurere are busy all year long and it's actually one of the most well planned areas for tourism on the island. The beautiful white sand beach is a little more that 3km long and the water is calm, mild and ideal for swimming.

There are two sides to Jurere, each with a slightly different vibe. The east side is known as traditional Jurere and has an older neighborhood feel to it. There are plenty of traditional restaurants here and it’s also home to Santa Catarina's Yacht Club.
The west side is a well-planned area full of mansions, open-air malls, fine restaurants and hot nightclubs. This area is known as Jurere Internacional (or Jurere International) and attracts people who enjoy the finer things in life (and have the means to pay for them).  The vibe at Jurere is hip, exciting and extravagant. Jurere’s Internacional’s party scene draws beautiful people from all over the world and is particularly popular with the affluent from Sao Paulo
If hangin’ with the international jetset crowd is your thing then you will want to get a hotel in Jurere or a town close by. Traffic in the summer months is brutal and you don’t want to spend your vacation stuck in traffic. Places like Jurere Beach village offer a wide array of accommodation options for Jurere Internacional.
Lovated only 23 Km (14 miles) from Centro Florianopolis, Jurere Internacional can be accessed by bus via Centro, Lagoa da Conceicao, Praia Mole and Praia Brava, however it is highly recommend you drive your own car or motorcycle.
For information on all of Ilha de Santa Catarina see the Florianopolis Travel Guide.
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Things to do in Jurere

Jurere Beach

JurereBeach is located on the east side of the beach and is considerably more relaxed than the beach at Jurere Internacional.   Here you will find a more mature crowd, families and small groups of people chillin’ on the beach.
Jurere Internacional Beach:
The beach is the big draw at Jurere Internacional. The water is excellent for swimming and the crowded beach is full of beautiful bodies. Beach clubs line the beach at Jurere Internacional and usually have party’s everyday in peak season. The sunset from the pier on the beach is one of the most beautiful on North side of the island
Jurere Internacional Beach Clubs:
P12 – Located on the far west side of the beach at Jurere International. P12 is an upscale beach club equipped with pools, bars and a DJ spinning the latest hip tracks. Covers at P12 very depending on the time of year -during high season expect to pay anywhere from R$50 to R$200.
El Divino Beach Jurere Internacional  - Beach club with beach chairs, umbrellas, a lounge area with bottle service and DJ.
Tailko Jurere Internacional – One of the most popular beach clubs at Jurere Internacional. Beach beds, chairs, umbrellas, lounge, DJ and dancing – all on the beach.
Café de la Musique – hip beach club that gets going around 5:00 PM and runs until 11:00 PM. Get there before 6:00 PM for reduced cover charge.
Jurere Internacional Nightlife
Posh – Hot, exclusive with limited access. If you can get in expect outrageous cover charges.
Pacha – similar to Posh.
Café de la Musique – Great place to start the evening because it closes fairly early (11:00 PM)
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Hotels in Jurere

Jurere Internacional hotels:

Jurere Guesthouse – located directly opposite of the yacht club, offering beautiful rooms at a fair price.   Web: http://www.jurereghouse.com.br/ghouse-on/ tel: (55) (48) 3266-0928. email: ghouse@terra.com.br
Hotel Chandra – hotel/apartment complex offering rooms and apartments – good for families and groups. Tel (48) 3282 0000
Jurere Beach Village – upscale property with an excellent beach location on the Jurere International side. Tel: (48) 3261 5100

Jurere Weather

Jurere Travel Resources

Jurere Weather

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip
January 82.4 °F 70.5 °F 6.90 in
February 83.1 °F 71.2 °F 7.80 in
March 81.5 °F 69.3 °F 7.30 in
April 77.7 °F 64.9 °F 3.80 in
May 73.4 °F 60.1 °F 3.80 in
June 69.6 °F 56.1 °F 3.00 in
July 68.7 °F 55.9 °F 3.70 in
August 69.3 °F 57.2 °F 3.60 in
September 70.2 °F 59.2 °F 5.00 in
October 73.2 °F 62.4 °F 5.00 in
November 76.6 °F 65.5 °F 5.10 in
December 79.9 °F 68.5 °F 5.80 in

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