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La Paloma Overview

Surfing is a way of life in La Paloma. If you don’t surf, you’re dating a surfer or working at a hotel catering to surfers. Beach and forest surround the town and the only commercial centre is Avenida Nicolás Solari which runs down toward the beach with side streets that are a mixture of residential housing and family run shops.

The resort town that is La Paloma was the brainchild of Don Nicolás Solari and the Cabo Santa María Society of 1936. After realizing the prime location and rich natural resources of the area, creating a balance between nature and urbanization was the goal of Solari and the Society. The calm and laidback lifestyle that visitors and residents enjoy is proof that the original dream for La Paloma came true and shows no sign of changing. Life is good. The only worry is where to catch the best waves and what to have for dinner. 
La Paloma is situated on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay in the state of Rocha.  Located about 93 Km north of Punta del Este and 50 Km south of Cabo Polonio it’s easily accessible form either location.

Things to do in La Paloma

Other than the beaches, there isn’t much else to do in La Paloma. Car and foot traffic is concentrated to Avenida Nicolás Solari and Avenida Paloma where you can visit the Artisan Market featuring handmade goods from local artisans as well as traveling artisans trying their luck in La Paloma.

In September, the waters of La Paloma offer more than just great waves. Spring is the perfect time for whale sightings from the beaches of Los Botes to Costa Azul. If you arrive before the whales do, La Paloma has one major tourist attraction. The lighthouse or Faro de La Paloma perched on the rocky point of Cabo Santa María dates back to 1874 and merits a wander and a picture or two.
Surfing La Paloma
La Paloma has a wide variety of coastal zones that offer different waves and different winds. Locals know that if one beach has no waves, another is bound to have great waves. The trick is finding the right spot at the right time.
Aguada beach – The most popular surf spot in La Paloma. Only a 15 minute walk from La Paloma town, Aguada beach has sandy bottoms and right and left shore break waves. The waves are reliable and attract a large crowd.
Los Botes – Certain times of the year Los Botes bring in massive waves that crash far past the shore reaching the beach bars. Experienced surfers take care of the reef and rock bottom.
Zanja Honda – Further west of Los Botes, Zanja Honda features Uruguay’s famous left. Powerful point break and rocky bottom make this another spot for the more experienced surfer.
La Pedrera – A bus ride away from La Paloma, the point break at La Pedrera promises good surf for beginners to advanced.
Boards can be rented by the day or hour at PetecoNicolás Solari.   on Avenida

Hotels in La Paloma

If you are traveling with a party of three or more, think about renting a cabin once you arrive in La Paloma. Cabins give you privacy, security and may save you money. Hostels in La Paloma start around $10 USD per person for a cramped dorm bed, so cabins are a welcome escape from the high prices you will encounter throughout Uruguay. Cabin availability signs will be posted around town and in windows of houses.

Budget Hotels La Paloma
Hostel Ibirapita The buffet breakfast included in the price makes up for the dank dorm rooms, communal showers and tiny kitchen. Located in front of the Craft Fair on Avenida Paloma, La Paloma. Tel. (598) 479-9303
Altena 5000 It’s like camping minus the tent. Altena is in a wooded area with outdoor kitchen and plenty of room to wander. Located in Andresito Park, La Paloma. Tel. (598) 479-6396
Midrange Hotels La Paloma
Hotel Terrazas de Costa Azul - Located on the Costa Azul beach just north of the main town of La Paloma. Costa Azul, La Paloma. Tel. (598) 479-9431
Hotel Portobello  - one of the large structures in La Paloma. Located two thousand meters from the main avenue, La Paloma. Tel. (598) 479-6159
Hotel Viola  - located on the main avenue surrounded by restaurants, shopping and ice cream parlors. Furnished in an older style than most La Paloma accommodations. Avenida Nicolás Solari, La Paloma. Tel. (598) 479-6020
Complejo Piccola Marina   - a wide range of accommodations, from bungalows, cabanas to traditional hotel rooms. Avenida del Navío and Calle 14, La Paloma. Tel. (598) 479-7078
Luxury Hotels La Paloma
Aloe Village Aparthotel The airy spa-like atmosphere is a stark contrast from the typical surf hostels of La Paloma. To get to Aloe Village, enter the roundabout at Route 15 connecting Rocha with La Paloma. Take the first of three exits, signs for Aloe Village to follow.

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