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Monterosso (or Monterosso al Mare) is the most glitzed village of the Cinque Terre, offering bear-it-all vagabonds a warm spot in the sand. In fact, it’s size and grandeur almost got it kicked out of the Cinque Terre lineup in 1948, but it was re-instated in 1949.

Monterosso is divided into new and old by the Aurora Tower, which rests on the hill of San Cristoforo. The Aurora Tower and San Giovanni church bell tower are two of the original 13 towers, which once stood in Monterosso.  The Old town is full of rugged homes and castle ruins. It also plays host to the church of San Francesco, which holds ancient works of art, such as the Crucifixion by Van Dyck. The modern area runs along the sea and beach (the largest beach in the Cinque Terre).

Monterosso is connected to the other 4 villages, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore by rail and walking path.

Things to do in Monterosso

Monterosso Beach

The beach at Monterosso is by far the largest and most developed beach in the Cinque Terre. The beach itself is quite rocky and often packed with locals and tourists during the summer months, but the scene is fun and the water is beautiful and refreshing.  Monterosso is the place to go while in the Cinque Terre if you want to spend the day at the beach.
With sun and surf you don’t just get an array of sunbathers, but you also get a collection of marine munchies. Monterosso’s most infamous sea snack, anchovies, is so renowned that it has a “protected designation of origin” status from the European Union. Ristonrante Via Venti offers up a smorgasbord of seafood pastas and calamari. If you’re thirsty, take notice of the surrounding lemon trees. You know what they say – when life hands you lemons, make limoncello. After a quick peek around town, grab your drink of choice from a nearby cantina and start bronzing.
Another option is to make the trek to the other towns of the 5-Terre. Travel southeast to the neighboring village of 600, which is Vernazza. If you are looking for a larger crowd, head north toward Levanto (not one of the five villages in the Cinque Terre).

Hotels in Monterosso

Budget Hotels in Monterosso

B&B Villa Pietra Fiore – offers a touch of the sea with an enchanting view and simple rooms. (39) OI87 81 73 11. Pietra Fiore n°1, Monterosso al Mare 19016.
Manuel's Guesthouse – Manuel, the artist who owns the home, offers no Internet or TV, but has two friendly dogs, a few beers on tap and a lovely view of the Mediterranean. (39) 333 43 90 809. Via San Martino 39, Monterosso al Mare 19016.
Mid-Range Hotels in Monterosso
Hotel Pasquale – the focus is on food and guests have the choice to take part in “journey through flavor,” a cooking demonstration followed by dinner. (39) 0187 81 75 50/81 74 77. Via Fegina 4, Monterosso al Mare 19016.
Hotel La Colonnina – vibrant establishment that serves up a local breakfast buffet and rests in the center of old town Monterosso. Via Zuecca 6, Monterosso al Mare 19016. (39) 0187 81 74 39.
Luxury Hotels in Monterosso
Hotel Porto Roca – the most posh place in Monterosso and probably all of the Cinque Terre, this hotel offers a villa stay with private beach. (39) 0187 81 75 02. via Corone 1, Monterosso al Mare 19016.

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