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Of all the picturesque towns scattered around the Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot, at 2175 metres above sea level, offers the most spectacular mountain scenery. From October to March, visitors to this tranquil hill station are rewarded with unsurpassed views across the Himalayas, including, albeit a small point on the distant horizon, Mt Everest way out to the east.

The town’s action stretches north along the main road, from the bus station towards the Mahakali Temple. Half way down, the road then forks to the north and south where the bulk of hotels and guesthouses are located. The area around the bus stand contains a collection of interesting little stores, food shacks and restaurants. Although most visitors eat at the hotels, the shacks are known to serve up some tasty Nepali dishes, such as momos and thukpas, and the stores are happy to sell some delicious yak cheese, perfect for a light snack. Nagarkot is a town in which to relax, enjoy the fascinating surroundings and escape the bustle of Kathmandu. It can be visited at all times of the year, although during monsoon season views maybe restricted by cloud coverage.
Getting to Nagarkot can sometimes be a demanding task as direct bus services from Kathmandu, 30km west, are few and far between and a handful of tourist minibuses per day. If using public transport, the best option is to catch a bus to Bhaktapur, from here frequent services then trundle up to Nagarkot. For those feeling healthy or energetic, walking is another possibility, with a number of towns in Kathmandu Valley within easy reach.
Whether it is a weekend getaway, day trip or an escape from the city, Nagarkot is the perfect place to while the day away and, with the backdrop of the Himalayas, epitomises tranquillity and relaxation.

Things to do in Nagarkot

The main purpose of a stay in Nargarkot is to relax, recharge the batteries, breathe the fresh mountain air and take in the exquisite views of the Himalayas.

Lookout Tower - From the main bus stand the road leads uphill to the tower that provides unsurpassed panoramic views of the region. The walk takes about 1 hour (4km) and passing the army camp and a few roadside restaurants along the way.
Trekking in Nagarkot - A number of interesting and non-demanding walks/hikes lead out from Nagarkot. Due to its height, it is best to arrive via bus and leave on foot downhill. Short walks are possible to Changa Narayan (1 ½ hours), Sankhu (2 ½ hours) and Banepa (3 hours). The route to Sankhu, running from the northwest road, takes in the spectacular scenery of the Kathmandu Valley, and passes through many peaceful villages and settlements, including Kattike. Sankhu is a good place to stop for food and chat with the friendly, welcoming locals before continuing on to Bodnath.

Hotels in Nagarkot

For the size of the town, Nagarkot has plenty of sleeping options, some cosy, secluded retreats and others where the prices are more often for the views than facilities.

Tibet Home - Friendly and comfortable budget option on the road leading right at the intersection. Tel (977) (1) 6680015.
Hotel Snowman - Cheap and cheerful hotel on the corner of the intersection. Some rooms are miserable, whereas others have great views. Tel (977) (1) 6680146.
Hotel at the End of the Universe - Good selection of rooms, cottages and suites catering for budget travellers and families. Excellent mountain views and close to the Mahankal Temple. Tel (977) (1) 6680011.
Hotel Galaxy View Tower - One of the first hotels at the intersection with a range of comfortable rooms in a tranquil location. Tel (977) (1) 6680122.
Hotel View Point - At the highest point of Nagarkot this hotel has a cosy rustic feel, good restaurant and panoramic views from the roof. Tel (977) (1) 6680123.
Hotel Country Villa - Well away from the rest of the hotels, this offers large welcoming rooms with private balconies. Excellent restaurant and bar. Tel (977) (1) 6680128.
Club Himalaya Resort - On the road leading to the army camp, this hotel is perfect for a luxurious treat, complete with pool, library and incredible views from the rooftop terrace. The attached Teahouse Inn is a slightly cheaper option. Tel (977) (1) 6680080/

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