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On the western coast of Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste is the easygoing beach town of Nosara where surfing and yoga are the order of the day and time passes as fast or slow as you wish. Made up of a small main village, two peaceful rivers and a collection of pristine bays encompassed by verdant jungle, it is a nature lovers paradise, so far greatly untouched and resolutely protected by the local residents. Nosara is a truly enchanting destination and a place where visitors can swim, surf, stroll through the jungle, admire traditional fishermen at work and watch parrots and toucans playing by the beach.

It goes without saying that the main action centers around the beaches and upon landing on their shores life seems to become instantly simpler. Nosaras beaches are a place for soul cleansing and energy restoration and visitors can enjoy horseback rides, spa treatment and yoga. Adding to the appeal of the region is that the coastal communities are sprinkled only lightly with hostels, lodges and cafés and devoid of overly raucous nightlife. Although being small, Nosara town itself has plenty of charm, so far boasting nothing more than is necessary such as a couple of restaurants and the local nightclub hosting salsa nights.
Nosara sits around 5-hours from San Jose with buses departing for the capital from the local football field. There are also a number of services throughout the day to Nicoya. The best way in is to fly into Liberia and either rent a car or taxi to take you to your chosen destination. Once landed, dump the bags, dig out the bikini or beach shorts and ease yourself into the pura vida lifestyle.

Things to do in Nosara

Nosara Beaches - Nosara is a place to kick back and relax on the pristine sands of its fine beaches, with the two most popular being Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada. Playa Guiones is an idyllic 3mile curving bay backed by verdant forest and boasting consistent sets of waves. Just north, Playa Pelada is slightly quieter and good for those simply wanting to paddle in the warm waters or even snorkel. Anyone up for an adventure can make the trip to Playa Nosara, a remote beach that is accessed via a trail along the river.

Surfing Nosara - Surfing is the number one activity around Nosara and a favorite spot for both the experienced and those trying out for the first time. It is said that Playa Guiones produces reliable 2-6ft waves for 300 days per year, therefore making it a mecca for surfers. Nosara Surf Academy and Coconut Harrys both offer competitive rates on individual and group classes and equipment hire.
Kayak and River Tours - At the back of Playa Nosara the lazy waters of Rio Nosara and RioMontana are surrounded with thick mangroves home to a plethora of wildlife. Drifting peacefully along in a kayak is the best way to experience the natural wonders of the rivers and the lagoon at their confluence. Anyone not keen on paddling a kayak can travel on a small powered boat. Keep an eye out for eagles, iguana, howler monkey and crocodiles.
Miss Sky Canopy Tours - Anyone up for some fun and able to tear themselves away from the beach for a day should head into the DonaCieloForest. Here, a series of zip-lines will send you soaring high across the ravines, rivers and waterfalls of the forest and provide a flying sensation. To cap a day of enjoyment, the last line drops you off at a unique 5th floor disco bar.
Yoga in Nosara - Being such a relaxed destination surrounded by natural beauty makes yoga an ideal activity. Around town there are numerous institutions offering day classes and intensive course lasting from 1 - 4 weeks. Classes are either held onsite or on the beach. Well established schools include Nosara Yoga Institution and Nosara Wellness.
Nosara Nightlife - Dont expect wild nights of partying in Nosara as the nightlife tends to keep in tune with the harmony of daily activities. Good bars by the beach for a beer and bite to eat are Café de Paris, Marlin Bills and The Gilded Iguana. Livelier spots where youll find cheap drinks and dancing opportunities are the long running Tropicana Discotheque and La Banana for its famed reggae nights. 

Hotels in Nosara

Budget Hotels Nosara

Almost Paradise - Cheap rooms only a stones throw from the beach. The owners serve up a hearty breakfast. Tel (506) 2682 0173.
Pacha Mama - Soul cleansing retreat north of Nosara.
Solo Bueno Hostel - Surf dominated hostel at Playa Guiones with a great vibe. Tel (506) 2682 1284.
Midrange Hotels Nosara
Casa Tucan Hotel - Spacious suites and bungalows only 2 minutes from Playa Guiones. Tel (506) 2682 0113.
Nosara Bed & Breakfast - Spotless rooms and a tree house dining area close to Playa Pelada. Tel (506) 2682 0209.
Luxury Hotels Nosara
Harmony Hotel - Outstanding hotel with charming suites and bungalows. Tel (506) 2682 4114.
Nosara Beach Villas - Relaxing resort hotel with a good selection of rooms. Tel (506) 2682 0025.

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