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Border crossings are never the most pleasant of places and Poipet certainly lives up to their worldwide reputation, lacking any form of attractions and kindliness, yet providing a lively and hectic welcome to the country. A hot and dusty pit-stop separating Cambodia and Thailand, Poipet, awash with persistent touts, beggars, a fair share of pickpockets and, due to Thai gambling laws, numerous casinos, is as rough and ready as they come, where more time than necessary is rarely on the agenda, unless one fancies a spin of the roulette wheel.

Perhaps nothing can prepare first time visitors to Cambodia for the onslaught of touts, offering transport to various destinations, upon setting foot through immigration. Poipet touts are renowned for their scams, therefore proceed with caution and be ready to bargain as hard as ever. The best option is to battle past the immediate touts and seek out a bus or taxi heading for the bus stand, which lies on the road by Poipet New Market. From here, transport is readily available for popular destinations across the country.
Poipet is certainly an eye opener and interesting introduction to this captivating country, however, and fortunately enough, it does not set the standard for the remainder of Cambodia.

Things to do in Poipet

Cross the border and run - Pretty much the only thing worthy of note in Poipet is physically crossing the border into Cambodia or Thailand. From the Cambodian side it is best to cross and then jump on a bus headed for any one of Battambang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap or Sisophon.

Casinos in Poipet - Poipet has been christened with the dubious title of the Las Vegas of Cambodia following the introduction of numerous large casinos, including Tropicana, Poipet Resort, Holiday Palace, Golden Crown and Star Vegas. Most casinos only offer rooms to those looking to gamble; therefore, unless you fancy a flutter, you are better off seeking refuge in one of the guesthouses close to the border. Anyone with baht to burn may, or may not, have a great night of entertainment with hoards of gambling Thais.

Hotels in Poipet

Budget Hotels Poipet

Bayon Guest House - Arguably the better of the budget options with a decent restaurant next door. Tel (855) 11 866065.
Ngy Heng Hotel - Clean, basic rooms with a/c option. Tel (855) 54 967101.
Midrange Hotels Poipet
Nita Guesthouse - Close to the actual border with TV and fridge and a/c. Tel (855) 12 832026.
Luxury Hotels Poipet
Holiday Palace - Range of luxury rooms with great bathrooms. Resort boasts three restaurants, golf course and nightclub. Tel (66) 9 2012828.
Tropicana Resort & Casino - Clean and comfortable rooms, with beer garden, barbecue and karaoke. Tel (66) 081 8375678.

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