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With one of the most striking geographic locations in the world, Positano hugs the Amalfi Coast of Italy, clinging for dear life to the cliffs, far above the crashing turquoise waves below. A village in the hills and of the hills, Positano is now a fashionable vacation destination although for the first half of the 20th century, it was just a poor and forgotten fishing town. Dreamlike and seemingly frozen in time, Positano is a place to forget your cares and worries and imagine a new story for yourself, whether you are simply visiting on a weekend stopover or indulging in a longer European sojourn.

The Mediterranean weather is at its finest here on the southern Italian coast; the hills protect the village, giving Positano a very mild and dry climate with plenty of sunny beach days. A popular day trip from Rome, Positano is best explored at its own pace; the small town is more suited to strolls along the beach than quick trips from the city. Square houses and white buildings huddle together in tiers and tumble down to the ocean, punctuated by flaming fuchsia flowers and the smell of lemon trees. The vista truly must be seen to be believed, and those who take in this majestic bit of planet earth will never, ever forget it.

Things to do in Positano

Like most destinations on the Mediterranean, Positano slows down during the hotter afternoon hours and then comes alive as the day fades into evening, the falling light giving a peachy-pink tone to the entire village. Fresh seafood restaurants prepare today's catch and serve it with the finest Tuscan wines, capped off with a scoop of strawberry gelato and a steaming espresso. Positano is not the place to rush around and check off your list of things to see; rather it is a step back in time to a slower and more conscious era, where vacations meant rest and relaxation.

Positano is completely pedestrianized (no room for cars!) and your feet are all you need to stroll down to the beach for an afternoon of Italian sun and sand. Positano cooking tours and pizza making lessons are popular, as are weddings, so keep your eyes out for a posing bride. Climb up to explore a thousand hidden stairways and the stupendous view of the coast, beach and village that they provide. Ancient defense towers dot the cityscape, and Positano's Baroque-styled cathedral can be seen from almost anywhere in town. Nearby the towns of Amalfi and Sorrento offer diversion, but drive the single-lane, cliff-side roads at your own peril! The Isle of Capri is another easy day trip, although this stylish island can become very crowded in high season and many people choose to stay in Positano rather than fight the masses. Orange and olive groves surround the area, and the intrepid traveler will easily discover hidden grottoes, crumbling alleyways, charming windows and ancient fountains to explore.

Hotels in Positano

Hotel Savoia: panoramic views, optimal location, family-run, buffet breakfast, terraces

Hotel Pasitea: located on the rocks with sea views, enchanting rooms, traditional design

Hotel Miramare: fantastic staff, 23 rooms, rooftop dining, charming and elegant

Hotel Poseidon: converted villa, pool, on hillside with balconies available, family-run

Hotel Posa Posa: immaculate, well-sized rooms, in historic center, sweeping views

Hotel Palazzo Murat: beautiful views, outdoor dining, Baroque-style rooms

Buca di Bacco: former mansion, large rooms with A/C, terrace and restaurant

Le Sirenuse: located in several 18th c. houses, pool, charming rooms with A/C

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