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Punta del Este Overview

Punta del Este, Uruguay is a South American hotspot known for its many beaches, beautiful people and party atmosphere.   With its pricy seaside homes, high-rise condos, casinos and yacht harbor, Punta del Este has become a playground of the rich and famous of South America, and particularly popular with the Brazilians and Argentineans.   The vibe is generally hip, and if you have the money to play, it’s a great place to go mingle with the international jetset crowd.   Punta del Este real estate has blow up over the past few years which has impacted the whole economy.  Expect to pay double the price for just about everything when visiting Punta during the peak season.

The town of Punta del Este is relatively small and located on a narrow peninsula that divides the Rio de La Plata from the Atlantic Ocean. The town is divided in two parts; the north end that has many hotels, restaurants and the yacht harbor, and the south end that’s primarily residential.   The beaches at Punta del Este can also be divided in two parts; those on the Rio de La Plata (Playa Mansa) and those on the Atlantic (Playa Brava).  
The end of December thru mid March, Punta del Este is overrun with people on holiday, while during the winter months the town is completely empty.    During high-season Punta’s prices are considerably higher and it is definitely the most expensive resort in all of Uruguay
Punta del Este is large enough to warrant renting a car, and we highly recommend you do. This also helps when you take the occasional day trips.   Buses do run regularly up and down the coast so it is possible to get around by public transportation and taxi if necessary.
How to get to Punta del Este
Punta del Este is accessible by air, boat, car or bus. If you’re arriving internationally you can fly into the Punta del Este Airport. Most likey you will have to catch a connection in Buenos Aires or Montevideo. If you’re coming from Buenos Aires you can take a ferry to Montevideo and then take a bus to Punta’s downtown bus station, or fly into the Punta del Este Airport.  
Punta del Este Weather
Punta is cool in the winter months and warm in the summer. During peach season (end of December thru March expect the temperature to be in the high 70’sF to mid 80’sF.   The winter months May – Aug the temperature drops to around 55F.
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Things to do in Punta del Este

Punta del Este Beaches

The beaches in Punta del Este are the big draw. Playa Mansa along the Rio de La Plata is calm and better for swimming, while Playa Brava along the Atlantic coast is rougher and good for surfing.  Both beaches are several miles long and are often named by the location of their corresponding street number. For instance Playa Brava 30 is located on the Atlantic coast at Calle 30.   There are different scenes up the beach and you can expect to find surf spots, windsurfing, restaurants and beach clubs up and down Punta’s beaches.   Along Playa Mansa you will want to check out Playa La Pastora, Playa Marconi, and Playa Cantegril.
There are a few neighboring beach towns that are a must-see when visiting Punta del Este.  La Barra located just a few miles up the Atlantic coast is a small yet fashionable beach town with plenty of trendy stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. La Barra is also home to Bikini Beach, a popular party beach with a DJ, bar, beach beds and bottle service. Further up the coast you’ll find Jose Ignacio, which is another trendy beach town and definitely worth spending the day. Both BikiniBeach and JoseIgnacioBeach are great places to mingle, meet people, and find out where the party is that evening.
Punta del Este Nightlife
The nightlife in Punta del Este is robust and full of action.   There are plenty of trendy nightclubs and discothèques. Note that several of the clubs are located in the neighboring town of La Barra which means you may have to take a taxi. The nightlife scene at Punta del Este runs late so be prepared to stay out until the sun has come up.   Once you get into the rhythm of things at Punta you’ll be eating dinner around midnight, heading for a pre-game drink around 1:30 AM and hitting the clubs around 3:00 AM. There are a few bars right next to each other just opposite the Yacht harbor which is a good place to start off the night. Most of the hot nightclubs are in La Barra – so just take a taxi. 
Punta del Este Bars
Moby Dick Pub – Located across from the Yacht Club in Punta del Este. The offer live music and a casual environment. Address: Rambla Artigas 650. Tel: +598 (42) 44 12 40
Mambo Club – Nice bar located across from the Yacht Club.
Tequila – Trendy, hip and popular with the ladies. Located on Calle 11 in La Barra. Tel: (598) 098 950960
Punta del Este Clubs
Ocean Club – North of downtown Punta on Playa Brava is this modern single story beach club. Address Parada 12 Playa Brava. Tel: (094) 448 685
Crobar Punta del Este – The famous chain club located in La Barra. 10pm-5am, Thu - Sat. (Nov. - Feb)
Soho – two level club located across from the yacht club in downtown Punta del Este.
Day trips from Punta del Este
Cabo Polonio is about 2 hours up the coast from Punta and a completely different world.   There you will find a small bohemian beach community, with no electricity, or modern amenities, but totally magical spot.   It’s worth a day trip if you leave early enough, but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the place and end up staying a few nights.
Montevideo is about an hour and a half south if Punta. Being the capital of Uruguay there is a lot of action, culture and places to explore.
Colonia del Sacramento is right next to Montevideo but is a completely different vibe. In Colonia you’ll find the small town charm and culture in it calm streets.

Hotels in Punta del Este

Punta del Este Hostels:

Backpacker la Barra, Punta del Este – is the only backpacker hostel in La Barra. Not easy to get to but dirt cheap (and a nice facility).
Punta del Este Hotels:
Palace Hotel, Punta del Este– great central location, budget hotel. Email: mariavictoriadl@hotmail.com tel: (598 42) 441919
Hotel San Diego, Punta del Este – no frills, mid-range hotel located a few blocks from the Yacht harbor.   hotelsandiego@adinet.com.uy  tel: (598 42) 440718
Punta del Este Resorts
Chihuahua Nude Beach First cloth optional resort in South America. info@chihuahuaresort.com
The Conrad – resort style hotel with casino. Tel: +598 42 491111
Barradas Parque hotel – Beautiful resort hotel located on Playa Mansa.
Punta del Este Condos
Torre de Triangulo Condos – great mid-range option. Talk to Diego.

Punta del Este Weather

Punta del Este Travel Resources

Punta del Este Weather Averages:

Punta del Este Weather January – Average temperature 75F
Punta del Este Weather February – Average temperature 75F
Punta del Este Weather March – Average temperature 72F
Punta del Este Weather April – Average temperature  70F
Punta del Este Weather May – Average temperature 64F
Punta del Este Weather June - Average temperature 58F
Punta del Este Weather July - Average temperature 57F
Punta del Este Weather August - Average temperature 58F
Punta del Este Weather September - Average temperature 60F
Punta del Este Weather October - Average temperature 65F
Punta del Este Weather November - Average temperature 69F
Punta del Este Weather December - Average temperature 74F

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