Ribeirao da Ilha Travel Guide

Ribeirao da Ilha Overview

Ribeirao da Ilha (Portuguese Ribeirão da Ilha) is a traditional Azorean village located in the South of Florianopolis. Colorful houses line the cobblestone streets and the calm waters give this town a tranquil feel. The town centers around the main square with the 17th century cathedral, Nossa Senhora da Lapa, and a small park. Most of the towns action happens down by the waterside park where locals gather to drink beer, play chess, and catch up on gossip. 
The big draw for Ribeirao da Ilha is its traditional Azorean vibe. Not being a big tourist destination, Ribeirao da Ilha is able to hold on to it’s traditional heritage and slow pace of a tiny fishing village.

Distance from Centro:  27 Km / 17 miles 

Things to do in Ribeirao da Ilha

This is a quiet little fishing village with not much going on. The big draw is the beauty of the town and the tasty resturants.

Restaurants in Ribeirao:
There are a handful of excellent restaurants serving the catch of the day and oysters –straight from the oyster farms just off shore.
Restaurante Muqueca da Ilha – quaint little restaurant just off the water serving tasty seafood dishes.  Tel: 3232 7676
Restaurante Porto do Contrato - beautiful upscale restaurant located right no the water on the north end of town.  Tel: 3337 1026
Restaurante Ostradamus – Famous for the local specialty, oysters. Tel (48) 3337 5711

Hotels in Ribeirao da Ilha

 Pousada DO MUSEU - Rodovia Baldicero Filomeno, 10100/10106 Ribeirão da Ilha. Tel (48) 3237 8148 

Ribeirao da Ilha Weather

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