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In most towns cars line the streets, but in Manarola small fishing boats are parked bumper-to-bumper, so to speak, on the village’s cobblestone paths. Manarola, the second smallest town of the beloved Cinque Terre, dates back to the 14th century according to a 1338 inscription on the church, San Lorenzo.

Follow the tunnel toward town and be cognizant that this is where residents spent many fearful nights during World War II. With no reason to worry today, the town is like any other within the Cinque Terre – a breath of fresh air.
Connected to neighboring villages of Corniglia and Riomaggiore by rail and walking path, Manarola is considered one of the more relaxed towns of the Cinque Terre.

Things to do in Riomaggiore

Arrive by the local “milk train” or by way of the Cinque Terre’s ferry system. Upon arrival, take the edge off with the local wine, Sciacchertra, which is so good the Romans mentioned it in ancient writings. With the liquid of the gods burning inside you, stroll along the Via dell’Amore, or the Lover’s Walk, which leads to the southernmost town of Riomaggiore. But before you go, satisfy your hunger with the pasta and fish of Ristorante Marina Piccola. Not only is seafood supposed to be an aphrodisiac (well, oysters at least), but the gorgeous view will prepare you and your significant other for the tender totter onto the next town.

Hotels in Riomaggiore

Budget Hotels in Manarola

Arpaiu – rooms and apartments overlooking the sea and fully equipped with lounge chairs for a day full of reading or eating. Tel. 39 3406 87 97 32. Via Belvedere n. 196, Manarola 19010.
Hostel Cinque Terre – youth hostel that uses the word “youth” lightly, meaning there is no age limit to stay. Tel. (39) 0187 92 02 15. Via B. Riccobaldi 21,?Manarola 19017.
Mid-Range Hotels in Manarola
Alla Porta Rossa – rooms and apartments with a floral flavor. Tel. (39) 0187 92 01 89/(39) 3472 52 08 57. Via Rollandi 246, Manarola 19010.
Carugiu B&B – four rooms with modern amenities, including Internet and television. Tel. (39) 0187 92 03 59. Via Ettore Cozzani 42, Manarola 19010.
Luxuary Hotels in Manarola
La Torretta piazza della Chiesa – blends beautiful Italian brick with posh hints of sensuality, and includes a solarium with a view. Tel. (39) 0187 92 03 27.
Vico Volto 20,?Manarola 19010.

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