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Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a shining example of where pride and togetherness is able to battle through a troubled past and come out the other end an outright winner and thriving traveler destination. On the brink of total destruction throughout the 1990s, today Sarajevo is a charming city and a fascinating union of cultures, where churches, mosques and synagogues rub shoulders where the Roman, Turks and Austro-Hungarians once plied their trade. This a city witness to an event that would change the course of world history and it now invites visitors to become an integral part of its forward looking future.

If there was ever a city to explore on foot then it would have to be Sarajevo. In fact, with its laidback atmosphere at times it may come across more as a large village than an actual city. Start out in Bascarsija, the citys old marketplace and historic OldTown. This is the place to enjoy time-honored coffee shops and welcoming taverns and to dive into an abundance of knick-knack stores. Alongside its charm and culture Sarajevo commands a picture perfect setting, snuggled peacefully between the Dinaric Alps and flanked by the mountain ranges of Bjelasnica and Igman. For anyone who succeeds in exhausting the city there are a world of adventure opportunities awaiting in the surrounding regions.
Sarajevo has always been a gateway to visitors and today is no different with readily available access across the rest of Europe. Interrail services now come and go from Budapest, Belgrade and Zagreb as well as a host of other cities served via low-cost airlines. Getting around on foot is generally the way to go, although the old rickety trams also provide a pleasant experience. Whatever the choice, this is an easy city to negotiate and one that is deserving of a few relaxing days.

Things to do in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Old Town - The cobblestone streets of Sarajevos OldTown are the epicentre of the citys culture and where its charm is at its shining best. This is the place to see Catholic and Orthodox churches, mosques and synagogues all standing harmoniously side by side. Take some time to explore the Oriental shops and stop by Morica Han, a tavern that was once a hostel used on the East to West trade route.

Latin Bridge Sarajevo - The very spot where WWI is believed to have been instigated. History buffs will be keen to see the memorial to Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie who were shot at the bridge in 1914. This incident triggered a war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and is felt to have escalated into the Great War.
Sarajevo War Tunnels - Take a highly informative and nostalgic tour of the war tunnels which are spread throughout the city. Tours are often conducted by former soldiers and so recount firsthand stories and including a visit to the 800m Tunnel of Hope, a tunnel dug beneath the airport runway and used as an escape route for many residents. A small museum is set up at the Tunnel of Hope retelling events from the war.
Bosnian Historical Museum - Superb museum although perhaps not for the fainthearted. The museum covers the events of WWII up to the Bosnian War with exhibits and photos depicting the harrowing events. Open daily 9am - 6pm (1pm at weekends).
International Jazz Festival - Held every November Sarajevos jazz festival attracts the best of local artists as well as many international acts for a week long extravaganza of music.
Sarajevo Film Festival - Every August the film festival showcases the best in commercial and independent movies coming out of Southeast Europe.
Sarajevo Nightlife
Baghdad Cafe - Popular OldTown bar with plenty of hookah pipes.
City Pub - Swarming bar where one early drink often turns into a whole night of fun.
Sarajevo Brewery - No frills bar attached to the brewery offering a tasty selection of beer.
Karabit Cafe - Whether enjoying a coffee whilst reading a book or mulling over the last beer there is always a friendly face here.
The Club - Restaurant, bar and nightclub all in one where youll need to dress sharp to get in.
SA Club - Large club playing anything from rock to Latin beats.

Hotels in Sarajevo

Budget Hotels Sarajevo

Haris Youth Hostel - Good location, helpful staff and nice city views. Tel (387) 33 232563.
Hostel Enjoy - Simple and friendly hostel just 5 minutes from the OldTown. Tel (387) 61 241891.
Residence Rooms - Homely hostel close to Sarajevos main sights. Tel (387) 61 275188.
Midrange Hotels Sarajevo
Hotel Konak - Good range of rooms, welcoming staff and breakfast included. Tel (387) 33 476900.
Skend Guesthouse - Family-run guesthouse in the heart of the city with plenty of Bosnian charm. Tel (387) 33 214986.
Luxury Hotels Sarajevo
Holiday Inn - Large international hotel opposite the NationalMuseum. Tel (387) 33 288000.
Radon Plaza - Luxury rooms and an abundance of business facilities. Tel (387) 33 752900.

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