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Turkey is many things to many people; this ancient crossroads land is religious and secular, modern and ancient. Kings and emperors have coveted Turkey for as long as empires have been around, and the main city of Istanbul is the perfect reflection of this unending cultural change of hands.


One thing that never changes, however, is the notoriously good hospitality of the Turks. Travelers to this country can look forward to interacting with their hosts, who go out of their way to introduce visitors to the tasty food, drinks, songs, and music of their culture.


Nearly everyone starts their trip in Istanbul, where a catalogue of world-class historic attractions balances out the nation’s liveliest dining and nightlife scene. With more than 5,000 miles of coastline, the beaches and islands of Turkey are no slouch either. From picture-perfect beaches like Oludeniz, to the party buzz of Fethiye, the sea is usually top on travelers’ agendas.


Turkey’s ancient cities are the other big draw to this timeless land. There are some heavyweight names to see, such as Ephesus, Troy, and Pergamum. Trekkers have some extraordinary long-distance paths to explore, such as the coastal route that passes through the Lycian Tombs. Inland, rare treats like Cappadocia, with its underground cities and monasteries, are well worth the effort to get there. 

Things to do in Turkey

Get lost in the bazaar – Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the mother of all markets, with literally hundreds of stalls crammed into acres of ancient space in the center of the city. 


See the real Blue Lagoon – of the hundreds of beaches on Turkey’s coast, few compare to the natural beauty of Oludeniz and its famed Blue Lagoon.  


Sleep in a cave – a trip into the barren Cappadocia region rewards travelers with fantastical cities and churches carved into rock pillars or dug into the earth. Some have been transformed into cool comfortable hotels.


Browse some religion – Istanbul is home to some of the planet’s most stunning examples of spiritual architecture, including the Islamic Blue Mosque and the Christian Ayasofya.


Experience the power of Ottoman sultans – one historic site not to miss is the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, where the vast palatial complex is enhanced by several of Turkey’s finest cultural museums.


Step back into the BC era – among the many truly ancient sites to explore in Turkey, the ruins at Ephesus are perhaps the finest in the Mediterranean, while the Lycian Tombs are as mysterious as they come. 

Hotels in Turkey


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