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Switzerland Overview

Despite the sky-high prices of traveling in Switzerland, it’s hard to argue that you don’t get your money’s worth. This mountainous nation has five-star level natural beauty and cultural sophistication from end to end. No matter what the season, Switzerland rarely fails to impress.


The Swiss Alps are an obvious highlight, with their achingly picturesque alpine villages, posh ski resorts, and myriad adventures that range from exhilarating train rides to outdoor sports. The central region is littered with lakes and the charming mid-size cities like Lucerne and Geneva.


If you think it’s all Swiss here, think again. The entire southern end of the country is the Italian Ticino region, where people speak Italian and eat Italian. The area also boasts some of the Alp’s top ski resorts, such as Lugano and Ascona.


The cities of Switzerland are just as impressive as its mountains, just more urbanised. Zurich, Geneva, and Bern are power centers of international banking, politics, and luxury living. Their art museums, such as the Reitberg, Swiss National Museum, and Paul Klee Collection, are stunning.


Traveling is a major highlight here, whether it’s by train or by road. Swiss train routes are legendary, so it’s worth finding a way to incorporate the Glacier Express or Bernina Express into your itinerary. Driving here is just as rewarding, from classic alpine routes like the Great St Bernard Pass to simple cruises around Lake Geneva.

Things to do in Switzerland

Venture into the Alps – summer hiking (or driving) in the Swiss Alps is one of the planet’s most memorable experiences, particularly the trails in the Engadine and Ticino regions.


Try the Italian side of Switzerland – getting to the Italian-speaking Ticino region in the south is half the fun, but the rugged alpine resorts like Locarno, Lugano, and Ascona will truly blow your mind.


Chug across a lake – the grand valley lakes of Switzerland are magical counterbalances to the mountains, and a steam paddlewheel boat cruise on Lake Lucerne, Lake Geneva, or Lake Constance really puts the Alps on display.


Indulge in Zurich – this elite and expensive historic city has Lake Zurich and the Alps as a backdrop for five-star shopping, dining, and nightlife in the Altstadt Old Town and along the Bahnhofstrasse.


Get to Grindelwald – even the name evokes alpine fairytale magic, and you won’t be disappointed with the drop-dead gorgeous scenery of the Jungfrau region in winter or summer.

Hotels in Switzerland


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